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Koenig- Woodyard

ENG202 Class 2 September 24 2013 Sign up sheet for assignment were passed around Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and The Canterbury Tales - What comes to mind when prof says “knighthood?” o Knight shiny armor could sound romantic, saving a woman’s life, emphasizing physical and sexual prowess, hero, masculinity, etc. o Major French influence in the Roman influence, in the literature and other cultures. It is still very much reflected in English literature, which is different from the times before then. - Youtube video: Monty Python and the Holy Grail – The Black Knight o Think about what is funny about the scene and what critiques the knight o There are some values the society buys into o Honour overrides the theme - Text – specific moments in the text where reputation of knight is explored and explained o We see the best and most excellent things associated with the knights. Some of the main values are horseback, military strengths, and courtesy. o It is referring to the ritual we see as the poem. In the line of food and generosity, everyone there was merry and cheerful with good food, which is part of courtesy. It is the most unwelcome visitors. o When green giant comes in, they are polite to him. Whatever he does, it is not good. o We can see that things will be more detailed. So far it is more of a welcoming gesture. If you are protecting and doing battle, keeping people safe and winning is not all that practical. It seems that it can bring you into contact that you need to protect. This is one of the way what courtesy is – military prowess. - Everyone turns out to be very significant – we see repetition at the end. Here we see 5 senses that they are perfect and masculine. We see also that there is a concise definition for terms such as generosity. - (7) The description of the Knight
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