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Pope: Rape of the Lock

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Helen Hatton

ENG202Y1 Week 17: Rape of the Lock 2711 Reign of Queen Anne -1707: Great Britian = Act of Union => England, Scotland, and Wales -British empire = control over N America, India, etc. -1714: George of Hanover invited to assume the throne; his limited knowledge of English + Egland allows more political power in hands on Parliament => ensures no Catholic influence Intellectual Culture Scientific advancement: Newton advances mathematics, scientific method, last vestiges of heliocentricism eliminated -technology: coal mining, steam engine accelerate Industrial Revolution -Empiricism: diaries + biographies more popular => the imp of one person, ppl interested in details of daily life; human beings could ascertain truth through observation, experimentation, experience; interest in personal observation => unimportant ppl become popular through published diaries John Locke -tabula rasa = mind is blank at birth + imprinted w ideas through experience. All knowledge comes through reasoning from experience. Essay Concerning Human Behaviour -see more notes -decorum: fitness of genre + style to subject matter; etiquette -reason: human capacity to analyze + understand, including but not limited to logic; inductive reason -wit: refined cleverness, sees diff in apparent different things, -more terms: -> egalitarian, rational, etc. -nature: universally shared, unchanging features of humanity; NOT mysteriousspiritual nature seen by Romantics -> exemplified in works of ancient poets esp. Homer: Those things which delight all ages must have been an imitation of nature -Enthusiast: (not positive) one of hot, credulous imagination; thinks himself inspiredvery fond of something. Eg. Kings who think theyre better than others= bad. -Enthusiastick: over-jealous in any one of thing -Heroic Couplet: rhyming couplet of iambic pentameter, expressed value of regularity or smoothness; expressive substitutions usually maintain syllable count; enjambment rejected in favour of integrity of line.
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