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king lear

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University of Toronto St. George
Helen Hatton

November 15, 2010 King Lear I,i -Lear confuses his identity as a man with his role as a king -his conflation with himself with his kingship, expressed by how he is using his language -kings words have special power -2 kinds of utterances: constated: descriptive nature -performative utterances: create reality i.e. I promise to make dinner tonight creating a certain type of obligation to another person -promise, I love you, cursing - I dounder certain circumstances, certain words are performative -Lear externalizes the performative power of his speech -performative lang is not necessarily tied to intention, can be used mischievously -Lear intuits that his language is tied to the specific nature of the context in which he uses it - I banish you, creates a new reality -should think about cordelias silencebeing a brat, understands what is going on and decides to humiliate her fatherbut also, refusing to play the game, her feelings are easily manipulated by her sisters and instrumentalized by her father -in contrast to her sisters, cordelia uses a lot of pronouns -in cordelias mind, people are distinct from each other -while her sisters rhetoric substitutes for reality, cordelia does not, demonstrates that it means a lot t
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