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Lecture 2

Week 24: Austen

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University of Toronto St. George
Helen Hatton

ENG202Y1 Week 24 32811 JANE AUSTEN, 1775-1817: PERSUASION -reflects upon Romanticism from a critical and sympathetic perspective -relates to being a woman -determined to publish novels + interested in critical reaction to her work -most popular British lit writer today -> nuanced, crafted prose -> extremely critical of society in novels Ironic Romances -comedies narratives about proposal of marriage after a series of obstaclesdifficulties -Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey, Pride and Prejudice -sharp renderings of romantic Social Satires -shifts away from individuality of 2 characters; places them in relation to their society -the difficulties they encounter stem from society as opposed to indiosyncratic personalities -Mansfield Park, Emma, Persuasion -her novels focus on how 2 ppl have difficulty misunderstanding each other. English Peerage -peerage = English nobility. Conferred by monarch on individuals, who inherit property, -everone else beneath the Peerage is a commoner. But theres a grey area called the gentry, and the gentlemen below them (who emulate the Peerage) -Knights + Baronets = gentry -Baronet: differs from knighthood in that it is hereditary. Usually associated w a specific place or property. -originally, James I granted baronetcy to men who supported him financially -> not peerage Ch. 1: opening -commenting on reading -Sir Walter Elliot reads the book as though it is a mirror, where he reads his own self into it -> affirms own vanity in it. -vanity of status + appearance -stylistic prose: she speaks outside, and within, him. We get to see him objectively but also slide into his mind to see the cold, sterile, naricisstic character he truly is -> cold and objective about his wifes death: most accurately 1
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