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Greig Henderson

ENG205: Rhetoric Kenneth Burke essay--War, Response, and Contradiction This is a dialogical text. For Burke, a genuine question emerges: if only a depiction of the horrendous side of war is the only way through which a new war emerges, can a human depiction of war deter a new one? Does the graphic depiction of an inhuman war act as a stimulant for a future war? In a sense, anti-terrorist rhetoric falls under the same category.Anti-terrorist rhetoric promotes terrorists acts against the demonized other. This leads to rabidity and ferocity. If you only depict the brutalities of a situation, you are turning the enemy into a monster and goading on your own people to get revenge.As well, constant exposure to violence can render you immune to it. Aversion therapy is not particularly effective, and rather makes you immune to something. You need the insensitivity to deal with this steady stream of the horrendous. Does a pro-war book make its reader pro-war? Our responses to stimuli under normal capitalist conditions (sensory overload we are subjected to) it is no wonder that some of our responses are
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