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Lecture 11

ENG210 LEC11

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Michael Boughn

Lecture 11What is selfFrom Crusoe how is the self interpretedoAutonomousoUniversally located as a substantial being a work of God world itself is understood to be a work of God and because humans are part of the world they are also a work of GodoNetwork of traditional relations that relocate a particular meaning of selfClasseveryone is not equal imposes order on soul determines standing of hierarchy as social networks of meaningoIdentity determined by family community as social networks of meaning whose order is determined the identity of yourselfCrusoeoRebels his identity as his father tells him to fins something in this world which will make him happy which Crusoe defiesoReligious overtones are subordinated by explicit social dimensionsoCrusoes salvation is a material salvation not religious salvationoHis success is measured by his manipulation of nature and his transformation of nature into an organized economic ground for his existenceH
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