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University of Toronto St. George
Michael Boughn

ENG210Y1 Sept 20 2010 - Defoe was a Presbyterian ^dissenter_ - England: 2 civil wars nd - He was 29 years old during the 2 civil war; wrote a pamphlet in 1702-satirically represented the intolerance of right-wing establishment to Presbyterians - The rise of puritans: the literature of the 1740s-puritan conversion era; written by someone who had a direct encounter with God that caused them to re-organize their life. Hugely popular genre, and one of the main reasons literature was taught to children at the time - Crusoe is about a man who disobeys his father-parallels to the garden of eden, ie. ^The fall_ - this was later theorized by Jewish and Christian thinkers as the possibility of redemption: ^the fortune fall_. Ie. You must have fallen in order to be saved. - Crusoe pays the price of his disobedience - he undergoes a conversion on the island, starts interpreting and reading the bible differently - Excerpts: ^Looked upon my past life with such;._ ; ^Tobacco;. Could not read the bible..._ - Salvation lies in not being rescued but by realizing his disobedience, then by coming to terms with his circumstance. - It is also an economic narrative: the creation of civilization. Story also involves surpluses, figuring out how to protect it. The book is also all about accumulation, the gathering of resources. - It has a religious narrative: this is over once he is converted - The economic tran
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