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Sarah Caskey

1.24.12 Essay due on March 6th --> info sheet posted online. The Wedding Gift -- Thomas Raddall  More than just an anecdote about past behaviour.  Takes folk lore and turns it into something richer.  Individuals have to cope with cultural change and primitive living conditions. o Weather is the antagonist in the story.  The Wedding Gift is like Lazy Bones and Field of Wheat: Nature & strong female character.  Story is set around a set of oppositions: country background of Kesia Barnes and the refined manners of Mr. Neeres. o Kesia - Nova Scotia. No education, name is common but connects her to her rural roots. o Mr. Neeres - London. Educated, higher class.  Contrast between the two brings into relief the developing pragmatism of the new world against the over refined delicacy of the old world.  Theme: as necessity imposes on social cultures and manners, new world ethics are shown as being situational and flexible.  Pg. 83-opening paragraph: "Nova Scotia in 1794, winter, snow on the ground," etc. o Paints picture of the substantial difficulties of winter. o He doesn't emphasize the snow, but emphasizes the sufficiency of the snow for the community, but how it doesn't stop Kesia from getting married (insufficiency for her).  She is set apart from her community right away.  Kesia wants a snow storm to make the trip to get married to Mr. Hathaway to be stopped.  Hoping for some natural intervention.  Kesia is frustrated living with the Barclays. o Pg. 84: Driving the point that Kesia was treated like an outsider/servant/"bond girl from the poorhouse." o In all the comments that the Barclays make, re-iterate her lower standing in the house.  Marginalized within the household.  Kesia shows new world pragmatism ideals where after praying all night to stop the wedding, she's going to take matters into her own hands.  Mr. Barclay thinks Kesia (22 years old)would be good for Hathaway because she's quiet, obtrusive, has no set of views, opinions (85). o Hathaway is 40, not handsome, cold, etc.  Kesia speaks up against the wedding (?) (84) and to Mr. Meers. o Meers is unaccustomed to the landscape and need Kesia to help him.  This is refreshing to Kesia to experience a position of power.  Pg. 88: Meers loses horse and Kesia stops him from going off to find it so he doesn’t get lost.  Pg. 89: Kesia expresses her frustration to Barclay, Hathaway, etc. --> and this is where she changes. o Mr. Meers becomes a "pitiable object," taking the role that was once Kesia's.  "Prayers won't save you."  Kesia d
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