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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - The One About the Coyote Going West.doc

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Sarah Caskey

ENG215 Lecture 4 - The One About the Coyote Going West - Writers desire to re-create the world, not make money - Symbolism of coyote sticking nose in tea = disruption of imperialism - pg. 304, reference to white man’s story: narrator tells coyote story - coyote calls grandmother, sits in chair - gender switch: grandmother/father (narrator can be both) - fluidity, idea of balance: not extreme/exclusive but parts of both - in many traditional stories, coyote is both genders so King is playing with that by making him both - coyote is free to explore the imagination, promotes creativity - Historical figures are not the most important things to native ppl according to King - Aware that african tribes have other versions of trickster - Playing with mosaic, different types of stories - Not a traditional judo-christian or aboriginal story but is mixing both - “Coyote heading west” = it was a dark and stormy night - different kind of orientation - suggests different political orientation - in non-native literature, west means escaping civilization to return to a basic existence - story-teller’s formal way of starting the story - As coyote goes west, first thing he makes is a mistake by falling into a hole - ownership of making mistake - acknowledges it - coyote doesn’t make balance b/w endeavors of trying to get things right - improper proportions - pg. 304, wants to fix the world - pg. 307 (at the bottom), river: opposition b/w straight and bend, mischief involved - according to coyote’s perspective, river and mountain needs to be fixed - King wants us to consider what we as a society needs to be fixed, improved - coyote is motivated to fix things which makes imbalance and distortion - not a search for Indians, toaster ovens but the real search is for balance - Consider concept of coyote singing through butt hole - produce healing song - incongruity, bodi
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