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Sarah Caskey

February 5 , 2013 ENG215- The Wednesday Circle/My Heart is Broken  Rape and sexual assault  Potentially upsetting issues  Sensitive stories  Both stories deal w/characters who cannot communicate and societies that this isimpossible  Mavis Gallant: o Age of 4,boarding French Catholic boarding school (interest in isolation) o Outsider – English in French speaking boarding school o 17 schools, dad died o Only writes in English  My Heart is Broken: o Not isolated from setting o Mrs. Thompson + Jeannie came to think the way they thing o Why does Mrs. Thompson think this way and how they respond o Women and expectations they need to uphold o Jean Harlow –Jeannie (names are similar) – bombshell o Mrs. Thompson talking at/ through/judgemental o Introduced to Jeannie in silence, in contrast to Mrs. Thompson o Passive and objectified in the way she is lying down o Mrs. Thompson and age gap o Mrs. Thompson vs. Mrs. Jeannie not taking on the role o Mrs. Thompson doesn’t have a point of reference for understanding o What Jeannie is wearing is not an invitation for assault. o *emblem* : Mrs.Thompson visiting her mother and getting canned stuffs and preserves. This is symbolic of ideals that are handed down from generation to the next. Mrs.Thompson’s ideals represent those of the elderly o Cute +sex= cutex – she struggles with this culture o Sanitization of sex (Jeannie) and refusal to talk about it o Refers to dwarf song on page 132 –inno
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