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Lecture 2

Week 2- Coyote Tricks Owl and The One about Coyote Going West.docx

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University of Toronto St. George
Sarah Caskey

Coyote Tricks Owl- Harry Robinson - Oral aspect to story o Meant to be read aloud with a rhythm, not linear o Contains lots of repetition for oral recitation  Makes sure listener gets it by emphasizing important parts  Owl big and bad  Coyote has to lie to defeat owl o Fragmented and incomplete/incorrect grammar, deliberate so story delivered with certain tone o Audience is kids, know this at end, trying to put kids to sleep o Intimacy: the storyteller making sure the audience understands, says you know  Interrupts story to connect with reader o Uses exaggeration as part of humour, animates and engages story o Through writing became static narrative, whereas with oral telling it was free to be changed o Storytelling social and communal event, source of entertainment, performance, way of conveying lesson o importance and power of storyteller to control and manipulate narrative - Power o Owl has power, indicating by his size o Coyote’s power is his verbal structure of his life, not physical  Power comes from language and words  Has power to create ppl o Power of additional storytelling, will be told later to kids  Parents invited to use story o Flexibility on gender, shapeshifiting - Creation story o Creation of owl who sleeps in tree, awake at night The One about Coyote Going West- Thomas King - Story about creation o Diff from Western understanding (Christian)  Replaces Jeudo-Christian concern of good and evil with native concerns of balance and harmony  Combing creation myth with native myth  7 ducks7 days of creation o Trying to tell own story, which is often told by others with biased white view  Helps them establish their identity o Tries to recreate world and idea that West’s colonialism isn’t singular important event  European explorers aren’t’ important stories (pg. 304) o Purposeful misrepresentation of facts which challenges the idea that Westerns are
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