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Lecture 3

Week 3- Lazybones and A Field of Wheat.docx

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Sarah Caskey

Lazybones- Frederick Philip Grove (Elizabeth and Walter) - comparison/contrast of Liz and Wal o Liz always in movement, Wal still sleeping  Morning and night he is lying down o Children like their same sex parent - Gender Norms o Betray: her power makes it difficult for her to conform to traditional female role o Wal doesn’t fit into his shoes  Could mean he isn’t’ carrying out traditional role of man as breadwinner  Ellipsis after shoes hurt him, does his shoes really hurt him? o Irene, only other woman mentioned, described by looks, high-stepper (degrades her status, term used for horses)  Objectifying Liz, appearance indicating she doesn’t fall in gender script o Lots of mention of Wal good looks, diminishes his masculinity o Her own tradition  Isn’t traditional, its her own, she wants to farm and be =  Liz ventures beyond domestic roles and takes control of farm o In front of visitor they uphold traditional roles  Confronting limitations of her power, comes out where there’s an audience  Has to remain tied to domestic sphere and cont to give impression that her husband assumes all authority and control  Threatens if he doesn’t work she will, will undermine Wal’s status in public o She is restricted and constrained to these roles and are passed on to kids o She needs Wal and then she doesn’t  Key theme, needs him to make her dream come true but he’s useless  Needs him if she is to remain on the farm  Wal name separate o Less married to him as =, has to do all the work, Wal child like who needs reminders and help  Have created relationship where she can take on power  Threat of public shaming source and limitation of her power  Threat is of shaming him into doing the work, in which she would take delight doing  Open and public flaunting of her power and competence undermines and threatens her husband’s status o In their private dynamic they don’t conform to gender roles, but sometimes she needs him to take charge o Wal is more femininereversal of gender roles  Gossiping with others  Holding child to his hip o Use of traditional marriage to challenge gender norms  Able to stay on farm  Takes on both male and female roles - Negotiation o Liz has larger destiny she can fulfill by marrying Wal o Liz acknowledges disappointment o Declares love despite of all other things o Not romantic language, very practical o Wal tells her b4 hand that he’s poor and not to expect much  Kind of like he’s warning her that he won’t be a good husband o Wal will let her live in her own trad
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