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Lecture 4

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Sarah Caskey

Rigmarole- Morley Callaghan (Jeff and Mathilde) - Plain style, realism, straightforward description of experience o Jeff has restricted point of view  Focuses on psy and unconsciousness (conflict btwn what he thinks and does)  Says opposite of what he thinks o Is the sub-conscious ramblings of the 2 characters  Is a restricted point of view - Universal, not set anywhere in particular o Urban  Taxi o Focus on social change after WWII o Deals with day-to-day lives  The problems and solutions - Crowd had nothing new to day, may be part of modernist, trying to bring something new - Jeff isn’t comfortable in the marriage o Use flirting to evade the reality of the marriage o Only after a short time away do the 2 realize that they love each other and value each other’s company - Adventure is superficious appeal(not real), o control what’s presented to others, about creating desire in others o The adv man shows his investment into the role - Jeff has ideas about how a husband should act and assumptions about himself o Ex. jealous man o Calls wife ‘sick woman’, characterizes this with silence and secrete anger  Has ideas about how a wife should be
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