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Lecture 6

Week 6- Death by Landscape and Open Secrets.docx

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Sarah Caskey

Death by Landscape- Margaret Atwood (Lois and Lucy, Cappie) - Lucy and Lois are paired together o Lucy: American, rich, dysfunction, ref to ‘I Love Lucy’  Examining stereotype that Canadians romanticize anything that is American o Lois: Canadian, middle class, stable, ref to Lois Lane  Has little to offer in return, feels boring  Is a more competent camper, in handling the Canadian wilderness - Metafiction: fiction within another fiction o Cappie tells and acts the story of the native Indians and whites conquering the wilderness o Cappie searching for the answer to what happened, looking for a story that is coherent and explains what happened - Disappearance of young girl (Lucy) in Canadian landscape o Insinuation that Lois may have pushed her o Uses gothic details to foreshadow events  Noon  Raven crowing, a horse single note o Lucy could be symbol of the Natives that disappear, whose own voice is never heard o Wilderness is something she begins to fear cuz of the incident  shows her fear and perhaps guilt of when Lucy disappeared  transformation from once being viewed as a place of recreation o even the young Lois is frightened by the wilderness, but for its immensity, in its power and vastness  later due to the unknown, the secrets that it conceals - Exploration of what happened o Lois feels that it Lucy’s shout wasn’t one of fear o Lois later understands the meaning of Cathy’s interview  Needed to find a rational explanation to explain her losses  Her age, youthfulness and innocence are taking advantage of o She feels guilt and loss  Her art answers the feelings of loss and dispositions  Gives her the ability to refrain the exp of losing Lucy - No resolution o After incident, emphasis on emptiness and void  Nature doesn’t give any clue, doesn’t project anything o Lois lives in a condo far away from nature to protect herself  Views nature as evasive cuz of her exp as a kid  Exp nature through her artwork  They aren’t like European’s landscape paintings which are neat  These are about nature unspoiled  Paintings are her way of containing and possessing nature  She’s now in control o The exp of losing Lucy was disempowering and addresses it by using a controlling perspective in the way she looks at the pics o Collected the paintings as a way of searching for Lucy  Don’t bring her peace, make her feel uneasy
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