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Sarah Caskey

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The Man Who Read Voltaire-Antanas Sileika (Dave, Gerry, Uncle) - Narrated by Dave, young boy, so ideas are idealized/romanticized o Thinks that Detroit is wonderful  Idealized/imagination of the great America  The American Dream  Can see Superman flying over city  Was partly created by a Canadian, so is misplacing everything exciting with Americans o Everything associated with America is exciting, Canada boring o Boys with mom looking at American cities on map  Looking at stereotypes, they haven’t confronted real life problematized America  Ex. Florida oranges o Shift in perspective important lesson  Have to learn lessons to become a man  Dave learns that things in Detroit aren’t so ideal  Learns that there is racial prejudice o Men with accents have their trunks inspected - Elsewhere and nowhere, complication of immigration experience o Father expresses anger/disappointment  Husband is dominant o Adults deal with problems with alcohol, are bewildered (lost)  They had identities unlike the kids who are developing it  They’ve lost their identity and SES o Dave feels alone  Mom shares something with the boys that the dad doesn’t  Interest in other countries o Ex. looked at atlas with the boys o Asked Dave at end if Detroit was beautiful o Clothes important role  Oversized shirts cuz they cannot afford new ones  Don’t fit into their t-shirts  Don’t fit the part as in not Westernized - Uncle wants them to have exposure to diff thoughts from their dad The Second Strongest Man- David Bezmozgis (Mark, Roman, Sergei, Gregory) - Narrated by Mark, young boy, so ideas are idealized/romanticized o Memories, reliving the past  Tries to figure out his connection with his parents cultural past - Dad took wrestling judge job for sake of his dignity o The others say that Roman is lucky for having left and envy him  Says that his worst day is better than t
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