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Sarah Caskey

Squatter- Rohinton Mistry (Sarosh, Nariman) - Split btwn 2 stories, that in Bombay and Toronto o Canada is a cultural mosaic  Canada welcomes imm but treats them as others  Ex. his boss doesn’t want to know what’s his problem and immediately tells him to consult the “Imm Aid Society”  Canadian indifference to imm o Sarosh could detect something malodorous in the air  Presence of xenophobia and hostility o When he returns to India after 10 yrs. he realizes a lot has changed  Goes from being rejected in new home to being rejected from his old home  Unable to negotiate with changes around him, becomes solitary figure - Story about storytelling, about change o Necessity and comfort in routine o Being Canadian is subjective, there’s no criteria to meet - Challenges faced by immigrants o Hard to give up culture and old habits  Ex. squatting to use toilet  Others also having hard time adapting  Ex. can’t eat Wonder bread  Idea that what is Western is better o
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