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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto St. George
Sarah Caskey

ENG215 Lecture #4 9/20/2012 10:08:00 AM - Thomas King has said that, as a writer, he might be driven to ‘recreate the world.’ - Name four ways in which he recreates or challenges ‘the world’ (or a narrative about the world) in ‘The One About Coyote Going West.’ (Mine)  Discrimination based in racism  Technological innovations in the West  Exodus to the West – images of futuristic world, a pseudo-Eden that is in actuality (according to King) confused and corrupt  Striking down of the conventional notion that the white man were/are the basis of civilization in N. America (Lecture)  Through what might be considered confusing or illogical methods that consider potentials that we might not have thought of o Create a whole space for that kind of imagining – creation of an imaginative space  Challenges us to think of the way the world is better in terms of technological innovations – to think of how inventions that are supposed to make life better maybe just load us down with a lot of stuff?  Plays with some of oral traditions – huge emphasis on storytelling within the story o Storyteller checks for understanding o Plays upon a creation story – one that is a Native oriented Creation story o Does so after the fact with the knowledge that things get a little bent and crooked, and we don’t always get it right  Identifying and misidentifying; fulfilling obligations and thwarting them  Politics – makes people consider their own assumptions  Naming of Aboriginals and other things that existed before people/Europeans claimed to have discovered them and named them  Coyote on the one hand wants clarity but on the other hand created havoc with grandfather/grandmother, etc. o Coyote is capable of healing – even though he is generally the mischief maker o Things are here in flux as opposed to be simultaneous – rather a dichotomy  King is generous to suggest that we, all people, continue to make mistakes and assumptions about things – it isn’t a localized specific to one group of people  plays with conventional roles common in Western mythology o he also complicated the Native creation story – doesn’t strictly follow the story of Coyote and the ducks  complicates question of what exactly ‘fixing’ something means – ex. ‘fixing’ the mountain and river when one would think its original state didn’t need to be fixed, but rather its changed state should be fixed o suggesting what are our notions of what is right/what fixes things - What is the effect of these challen
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