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Sarah Caskey

Prathayini Paramanathan ENG215 Notes - Squatter -both the stories (Squatter and Simple Recipes) allow us to negotiate multiple entities -in Squatter, this concept is introduced by its own title -Squatter: a person who unlawfully occupies or inhabits a building or unused land; a settler with no legal title to the land occupied, typically one on land not yet allotted by the gov -how does the title orient the reader to the story's rep of immigration, of the diasporic experience? -it prepares them for a straightforward or serious consideration of issues of assimilation and adaptation of immigration -the characters in this story experience immigration in the perspective of a squatter; they may feel that they dn rightfully inhabit the land they live on -the title is also ironic and plays into the representation of Serosh who travels from Bombay to Toronto -he realizes that his challenge in adapting to Toronto is learning how to go to the toilet by sitting on it -there is a doubleness in the story, which helps readers to complicate the way in which the story problematizes -how does this story differ from Simple Recipes? -Squatter has humor; the author takes serious issues and concerns, and handles them through irony and satire -in Simple Recipes, the author uses poetry and clarity, and enregisters the shifts from one character to another with incredible articulation; it's a first person narrative -Squatter uses irony to offer a kind of correction to the situation just like King did in his story -most forms of irony involve the perception or awareness of discrepancy between words and their use, actions and results, or appearance and reality -there are elements of the story buried in the irony; there's an extreme approach -ex. Serosh must behave a certain way; perhaps, he should insert a built-in machine to allow for bowel movements -at its simplest, verbal irony involves saying what one does not mean (saying one thing, but meaning another) -readers think that Serosh is entertained by going to Toronto, but the story is infarct the opp -irony has many functions; it's an instrument of truth telling; it chides, deflates and sends up - it's a tool of satirists; the writer takes the opportunity to correct the censure and ridicule vices of society to bring a judgment content upon
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