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University of Toronto St. George
Sarah Caskey

Prathayini Paramanathan ENG215 Notes – Continuation of Squatter -p 358 "My dear family, my dear friends..." - saying this phrase seems to be problematic -the story overall is looking to problematize or complicate things -for ex. there are many ways of writing Canadian short stories... an exposure of a range, a variety, a plurality in which authors respond; moreover, the reader sees not a narrative of Canada, rather the way in which the stories insist on the plurality of being Canadian -such stories look to complicate the way characters of all diff backgrounds are, and the way they see themselves and constitute their identities -in this story, the notion of being completely Canadian is challenged; Serosh sees his promise as a stipulation for this -he goes to visit the immigration society to get advice on how to adapt sitting on the toilet and the doctor about inserting a device: p 363 "he slipped it on around his neck before continuing..." -through Nariman, readers get a sense of the protest that is being lodged -if they relate comments to the description of the crappus-non-interruptus, they see language that relates to the story -there are questions debating and contributing to the conservation based on the personal experience of the character, which is at issue -Canada was the first country to introduce an official multicultural system both as a concept and social policy -Squatter is a terrific example of a writer who uses fiction to respond to such dialogue by offering and writing about a fictional character whose lived experience readers get -they can look to Serosh's experiences and his new place of living, Toronto -his experience is not about choosing to go to the washroom, rather it's linked to the body -they mystery occurs to highlight the seriousness of his pressure -p 358 "He says, 'Serosh's practice...', - Nariman is talking to the boys about Serosh's sorrows so that they can be aware -as the boys listen to his story, readers realize that Nariman is using this approach to talk about serious concerns: the washroom, phobia, and hostility -p 359 "what a feast of words"; what do you make of this reaction? -they are strong words to talk about experiences in a foreign presence and experiences that do not involve doing things in conventional ways -as Nariman narrates the paragraph, the reader focuses on the fact that impressive words are used to discuss the struggles faced by Serosh in Toronto, rather than the meaning b
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