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Lecture 2

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Sarah Caskey

ENG215 Jan. 1711 Louie Mannon--- - a short story is not as restrictive as a sonnet; it is the most single-mindedness - every word in a story is in a service of an effect getting the golf ball in the hole with the least strokes as possible; the reader of the story tries to find an effect, a surprising one - the whole idea of a story is to make a language reform in an act emotion, effect, an adoration of something that is not there - difficulty of critically analyzing short stories; because when a story is particularly powerful and excellent, it tends to produce a worldless effect in the reader; it seems so natural Elaine Showalter--- - one of the best ways to pursue close reading is to selecting a paragraph and looking at it sentence by sentence - (working definition) HOW DOES THE VERBAL TEXTURE OF THIS PARAGRAPH ILLUMINATE THE THEME OF THE STORY? **not just talking about how to react to the story, but asking questions of word images that work together to convey meaning? Lazybones --- - realism: designate a current mode of representing life and experience in literature; it has a particular effect on the reader effect that it represents life in the social world as it seems, that such things might well happen; evoking the sense that characters could exist and that such things might well happen (as opposed to modes of literature that seem adventurous, other-worldly) getting a slice of life - (author) devoted to the idea of literary realism depiction of characters and events in such an unidealized way; objective and accurate - his deliberate use of words strived for not an elegant way of writing - to the contemporary readers, he gave an example where he was responding compassionately to the suffering of Canadian woman at the time; but at his time, his work was seen as pornographic
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