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Lecture 3

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Sarah Caskey

ENG215 Jan. 2411 Elizabeth Bowen (1936): Anglo-Irish writer The Introduction to the Faler Book of Modern Short Stories landmark appraisal of the short story richness, complexity, multiplicity AS A RESULT OF RATHER THAN INSPITE OF BREVITY: positive inflection of the shortness of the short story form - answering to Edgar Allan Poes theory of the short story; short story is analogous to limitation or restriction; she thought it important to see short story of a positive quality to the shortness of the story - the art of writing lay at which the author squeezed the machinery of the plot and character to a framework of a few thousand words - increasingly, what occurred to writers was that writing short fiction was to making more artful and strategic economies; working with tactiful submissions - making saying less but writing more? Rigmarole: - beginning with modernist experimentation to short story - story achieves its richness and complexity as a result of its brevity - sense of chronic uncertainty and openness; links it to the characters own feelings - creative transaction between brevity and complexity The Wedding Gift - more than an anecdote about past behavior - the individuals are shown to having to cope with cultural change and primitive conditions (severe weather) - Canadian weather and landscape acts as an antagonistic force -expectation to feature man and their efforts to tame and civilize
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