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Sarah Caskey

6.24.12 June-20-12 10:54 AM Lisa Moore - "The Lonely Goatherd" • Carl thinks of the women he sleeps with as body parts, and he does with Anita too. o But they are personal now, invoked by Anita's art and …? • Reference to Signal Hill (landmark in St. John's) o SH is where the first transatlantic wireless transmission was received. o Listing of highly personal objects - beer bottles, burnt matches… • Public landmark amidst personal objects. • Entanglement between characters and …? • Shows the connection between Carl + Anita. • Underlying theme: is Moor commenting on the denaturing effects of our culture and how difficult it is to find something real and original? (with all these major references) o Difficulty that modern couples confront? • Also a story of Newfoundland and Moore is against writing about the stereotype of Newfoundland being this rural, quaint, innocent place. o Carl is an example of a character just moving through Newfoundland (?). o Hans (German tourist that Anita sleeps with) • Newfoundland is not static, it's changing. • But Hans is a total stereotype himself.  Reminds us of the danger of creating stereotypes. He's reduced to a generic sentence. • Think about how we consider "regional writers" - Lisa Moore challenges the stereotypes but also includes all the elements. o Issues of relationship, alienation, distance - she explores these ideas in modern relationships. Michael Redhill - "Human Elements" • Russell can be read as a funny sort of character, even though the introduction is serious. • Reflects on poets that felt lonely and needed to commune with nature. • Russell surrenders himself to his depression - dramatic context he places on himself. o He sees the hope - sun rising earlier, children playing, etc. o His poetic disposition allows him to pick up on these signs. • 437: Leaves poetry, but he would have continued suffering for it. o Leaves his apartment and goes to the cabin to try and start writing poetry again. • Poets enterprise to enter nature to stimulate his ability to write poetry. • He appreciates his loneliness, feels comfortable - but doesn't feel spurred on to write poetry. That feeling comes with the arrival of other people. • 439: inversion of Russell's expectations - human activity helps him, not nature. • 440: testing of our interpretive sensibilities when he resumes writing poetry here. • 448: Russell gives us an indication and how he expands on his two lines of poetry. Experimentation. Adding and changing human elements. o Distressing exercise because it came easier now than when he was trying to force writing ? • Think about how you might do close reading of his poem: o Balance through time and human elements. o Maybe it's just rubbish? • Russell is aware of Sylvain and that she has a great connection and better so to poetry than Russell does. (448) o His inability to interpret them. A literary way of reading. o Russell was operating under a false perspective of the poetic enterprise.
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