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The Closing Down of Summer - Allistair MacLeod

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Sarah Caskey

Alistair MacLeod, “The Closing Down of Summer”  TITLE o Evocative o The end of summer – an end of a particular season o A story about endings and losses, it’s marked at the very beginning that its coming to an end o Summer is the season of joy – the fact that it’s closing down, maybe means that something bad will happen o “closing down” summer – but summer is going to end anyway, why must you close it down – closing down is for business stuff  The first person narrator makes a lot of connections o End of the summer season o End of this time o End of the culture in which the narrator is born  Elegy – a poem of serious reflection, typically a lament for the dead o Used to refer to subjects expressed in elegiac poems o Usually ends in consolation  Opening paragraph o Strong evocation of death o Issues a contemplation of death and decay  Pg 236 o The death of trout o Parasites – what is the preoccupation of parasites? o Record year for tourists o Clear that from the perspective of the narrator, the invasion of the tourist of his province is indeed a PARASITIC activity o “Inevitable lobster traps” – stereotype of his Nova Scotian culture  pg 240 o Becomes more specific that not just a season is decayed, but the way of life also o He sees fishermen going about their fishing  Fishermen coming from elsewhere to take over their fish  “Grandfathers and grandsons”  The representation of the current generation is missing “father”  Middle aged men and women are making their own tradition  This ancient ritual of fishing, which the narrator values, is waning o The tone of the narrator  Seasonal change, change of the way of life  It’s not only the fishermen’s life that’s changing, but the narrator’s minor life also  Pg 248 o Narrator makes connections clearly/explicit
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