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The Second Strongest Man

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Sarah Caskey

THE SECOND STRONGEST MAN  Pg 477 o Mother was recovering from anxiety o His father took the wrestling judge job for the sake of his dignity o The trauma/trials of the immigration – his father’s efforts as a masseuse and chocolate bar seller / His mother collapses every week o Introduction shows the failure of immigration o The experience of coming to Canada/Toronto o The narrative stresses the dislocation/disjunction in that immigration  Notion of the slippage of the fluidity of his identity – the photograph in the passport freezes his father’s identity from years ago o “it was comforting to think that the man in the picture is the same person” o Changed through immigration  The emphasis of the difficulties/uncertainties of the family’s life o Mothers health o Fathers struggle o Instability/fragility  These uncertainties and weaknesses is contrasted to the solidity of Weight Lifting  Pg 478 o Leaving the homeland, family, and friends, learning a new language and living in a new place has been hard for the mother o The father has undergone a change as well – he was a big man in Russia o He will have the opportunity to see Sergei and Gregory  They both had the choice of leaving to Toronto or staying in Russia  The narrator expresses his own ambivalence of coming to Toronto  He had idealized Sergei since he was young  When Sergei comes to their apartment, he realizes how Sergei sees the place 
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