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The Lonely Goatherd

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University of Toronto St. George
Sarah Caskey

THE LONELY GOATHERD  It’s a narrative, but there’s a change in POV  What’s the significance of the references to different movies/stories? o Lonely goatherd – sound of music o Little red riding hood  The personification of the outside is representative of the characters’ insides  “sad” – the opposite though because St. John’s is very vibrant and happy  We’re 3 sentences in and we get an explicit mention of Carl’s infidelity  “it’s not idiosyncrasies, but the bones” o Disconnectedness of the other women o He’s not sleeping with women, human beings, but just body parts o Detached  “Gulliver’s Taxi” – second literary allusion – Gulliver’s Travels  “sure that’s only your imagination”  The word “Tangled” o The entanglement of Carl and Anita and their larger culture o How entangled they are with cultural issues and attitudes  It stands out that Carl and Anita are both artists o She paints the polaroid picture of golf o Art is capturing reality o Anita’s art is not predicated on that supposition o Onion peel  How her artistic technique reflects the technology around her o VCR, polaroid o You can tape something and watch it at a later ti
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