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University of Toronto St. George
Sarah Caskey

Trapline  Will lives in a community of violence and drugs  He has the chance to get away, to live with his English teacher  But he turns that down – why?  Pg 455 o So many themes here that are suggestive of the themes in the story o Hungry animals – hungry Will o Seems like such a kind, nice opportunity for Will, but this can also be a trap for will, living with such caring couple, and living in the basement and stuff o This is a story that is obsessed with hierarchy  Town kids > village kids – more economically stable  Smythes family > Will’s family  Being untainted is of higher value o If the wind blows strong enough, they snap and fall on the powerline  Although snow is beautiful, when trees get a lot of it, it snaps off  Will experiences headaches all day, he copes with it internally, so it doesn’t show outside  Will’s life is far from any kind of pretty, postcard picture, whereas Mrs. Smythes’ life is like a postcard  Will is figured as a kind of animal – pursued and trapped o Eric chasing him, locking in the basement, or locking out of the house  Immediate connection to how you trap and animal, to Will and how he’s trapped in the house o Will grabs food before he runs away, that need for food  Pg 471 o Eric is chasing Will o Will is running across the backyard, leaving tracks – like animals
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