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The Wednesday Circle - Sandra Birdsell

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University of Toronto St. George
Sarah Caskey

Sandra Birdsell, “The Wednesday Circle”  In addition to being a story that deals with a young girl in a difficult situation, it also lies on a particular motif to elaborate on a meaning  MOTIF – dominant idea in the work of literature and it may consist of a character or a current image or a verbal pattern  Pg 291 o It’s her circle o Until here, Betty only has positive thoughts about this Circle, to protect her from the gropings o “they can reach out to protect her even here, by just being what they are” o Positive thoughts about this group o “she can feel the presence of the Wednesday Circle” o In a way, she needs the WC o She really doesn’t have another group of people to go to o She hopes that they will support her  Pg 290 o “you say one thing and I’ll have some pretty stories to tell about you” – Mr Joy o “make you? Listen here girlie, I’ve only done what you wanted me to do” o He has truly conditioned her over the 4 years to expect and accept this fondling o Sexual predators do this – they condition their victims to make this possible  The WC is this bright symbol  Really clear example of this motif, where she uses circle imagery and the colour yellow o Betty looks at his teeth, sees circular gap – “perfect decaying circle” o Foreshadows the weakness, the decay, that can come with the Circle o They enter the shed, really dark in there o The circle of yellow light is weak, the ineffectualness of the WC  Pg 291 – int
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