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Lazy Bones - Frederick Philip Grove

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Sarah Caskey

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012 Frederick Philip Grove, Lazy Bones  A writer dedicated to the idea of literary realism  Deliberate use of language one of the founders of Prairie realism – a mode of writing that made a powerful influence in the century  Trying to capture and convey the reality of prairie life  Grove focuses on the strain of life placed on male/female relations  Lazybones gives us a sense of challenges of farming life  Like Ross, Grove is especially interested in the human domestic sphere and how that is impacted to meet the challenge of farming  Story is 1920 ish  Elizabeth is strong, bony, young  Not pretty, but energized  Occasionally, she feels anger, disappointment towards Walt o Although her family did not like Walt, she defended him because he stayed at the farm with her, while her other siblings moved to the city o This allowed Liz to do what she wants: farm Pg 51  If she’s strong and bony, he’s “still sleeping”  Unintentionally reveal, to be disloyal  Walt is handsome, doesn’t rly do what he’s told = LAZYBONES Pg 52  Walter is described as lazy and unsuccessful on one hand  He’s not perfect, but he has allowed her to remain in her tradition  In spite of his flaws, she loved him  “in spite, in spite, in spite…”  She has different feels at diff times of day: “At this time of day, she felt… o Joyful and equal to any task o Critical and burdened with a load hard to bear o Angry and rebellious o Resigned o Contentment  It’s like everyday she has set feelings, because things just happen as a routine, she wakes up, does chores while Walt does nothing, and at the end of the day she is happy o Liz knows there’s no use arguing with Walt
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