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John Reibetanz

King Lear thur29 730 trinity college quadFocus question for ThursdayThree views of imagination Theseus at 512 22 Bottom at 41197211 Puck and Oberon at 52152How do they relate to each other and to the play as a whole Why has Shakespeare placed them in this order Dreams construct a situation out of these ideas in waking life they represent an event which is actually happening We appear not to think but to experience Freud Interpretation of DreamsOrder and hierarchyComing together as husband and wifecoming together as society Theseus end the play but then Puck entering with a broomProhierarchy view of AMND importance of hierarchy insert these values to the audience everything tied up at the end of the play Titania clashingworld is ending Act 2 Scene1 Hermia has to listen to his father Theseus said you must obey your parentsPyramusand Thisby play with in a playtragic ending as they did not obey their parents what will happen to Hermia and Lysender then the universe is arranged by hierarchy God angels solar system cast list System of social hierarchy order vs Important role to minor role Athens locationwoodsAthens city to nature civilization to wilderness Act 1 scene 1Hermia Athens as paradise leaving reason behind when we enter the forest 193 a2s1 wood within this woodmad wild lo
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