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The Rape of Lucrece

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University of Toronto St. George
Elizabeth Harvey

September 14if extension is needed talk to my TA theyll sign some paper and it needs to get handed in with the essay Longer than a week talk to the profThe Rape of Lucrece poem 1594 theaters were closed bc of plagueThe Thump of Death image of the plague Bubonicblack death killed approx 13 of pop 1415th cent Now we know it was carried by rats Easy to become infected including at the theater could take 3 days after infection was caught to die once plague deaths rose the theaters would closeplague beak metal filled with odoriferous herbs plants and flowers Thought it was spread by unclean air Fires would be built with aromatic woods to perfume the air and chase away the plagueFollowed on the heels of VenusAdonis in 93 both dedicated to the same person Henry Wriothesely 3rd Earl of Southampton The dedication id too romantic to just be writing to a patron The Master Mistress of my PassionPatronage comples system of financial and social support political protection and often linked to literary coteries social prestige and preferment3rd Earl of Southampton William Shakespeare Thomas Heywood Thomas Nashe Gervase Markham John Florio Barnabe Barnesform of political protection some writing had the possibility of being politically da
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