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The Rape of Lucrece

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Elizabeth Harvey

The Rape of LucrecePetrarch author of Secretum Rime Sparsehis beloved Laura first saw her in 1327 tells us in Secretum identity unclearcelebrates her in the Rime Sparse crowned poet laureate in 1341 laurel crownbeauty of the unattainable ladywhat difference does it make to tell the story in verseThe argument prose narrative telling the story plotpoem 7line stanzas of iambic pentameter what is the nature of poetry difference between prose and poetry whyd he choose the medium of poetryhow do we distinguish poetry from proseoften but not exclusively poetry is made up of rhyme and meter it has meter a pulse a pulse that can be said to be heard through the bodysome theorists the nature of poetry has a rhythm may remind us of song of our bodies and how we feel a kind of pulsethe beat of the line Ss plays in some cases the plot and the subplot are distinguished by the nature of their language plotpoetry subplotproseSources Livy Ovidintertext the presence of a literary artistic or musical reference hat dynamically interacts with the work story of try becomes important for the Renaissance a classical genealogy for a whole nationkey after rape she stands looking at a painting of the fall of Troy we can say 1 the fal
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