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The Rape of Lucrece

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Elizabeth Harvey

language around the representation of T is one of hidingwhose perspective are we hearing things fromfor T is whats not visible to the eyeplaitshis clothes but also the composition of character it would be made up of different humors and complexionsthe more you have the more you want and when you have it it never satisfieswhich having all all could not satisfy so much all a rhetorical figureepizeuxis a repetition of two words with no other in between for emphasisSilva RhetoricaeTs yearning for something but no sooner he has it it does not satisfy like prolexis foreshadowingface to face confrontation L does not see his evilshes never coped with evil eyes does not understand his looks that speakshes the incarnation of innocenceT hoping to infiltrate his way into Ls heart brags about her husband Collantines exploits references to way L might see Cthe idea of chivalry associated with heraldry patriarchy families legitimacy of offspring etcafter dinner they each go to bed Ts tossing and turning in bed he knows it wont be good for him and his reputation120133 ends of each line sustained example of feminine rhyming the rhyme falls on the final unstressed syllable of a word unresolved desires not going awayin the renaissance there was a idea that masculinity and femininity had certain behaviors associated with them men marshall valor fight be brave go to waremotional and soft consumed with desire passive not decisivefeminine characteristicsin the pom T is consumed with lust feeling desire sexuality men who spent too much time thinking about sex became effeminate weak were enslaved by their desires T becomes a figuration of weakness and femininity 15568 Ts worrying about whether he can do the right thing how hell be thought of slanderous tongues dead of night silly lambs likemy be subject to the lust and murder that has the capacity to wake and stir animal imagery that runs throughout the poem
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