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Titus Andronicus

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Elizabeth Harvey

patriarchy shouldnt be the reason for being emperorsurnamed Pius attributes associated with Tituspius not just religious but someone devoted to duty so much that becomes an obsession and is out of control sense of duty becomes monstrousGoths germanic tribe besieged Romewere at the end of Romes glory cracks in societyking priam ref to the trojan legend T compared himself to T T has 25 sons careless abandon with which T sacrifices these sons to the glory of Rome as if theyre brought as sacrifices to this great empire as if theres no reason between the living and the dead unpaternal eagerness to sacrifice hi flesh and bone unkind not just nice impolite ungentle but working against his nature kindnature in S England work in contradistinction to the affection one might feel to ones offspringad manes fratrum arms hands representing brotherhood like brothers in arms contrast between one whos given over all his sense and affection to his country leaving none to his family contradiction between personal and publicRome represents the body chopping off of hands not just Rome is falling apart over and over severing of one part of the body from a
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