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ENG220 Pastoral As You Like it

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University of Toronto St. George
Elizabeth Harvey

ENG220Monday October 19 2011Pastoral Secret Life of Shepherdsidealized representationhard vs soft pastoralsatire and critiquelying under trees writing poems playing flute vs shepherd finding unfriendly landscape in Renaissance etymology of satire confused hybrid half goat roughness distortion sharp eye cast on society mocking and exposing vice and corruption in society satire expose vice to purge and correct it medicinal component pastoral not genre kind but mode approach or methodromance elegy lyric epic dramastructured according to binariescountrycourt ruralurban simplecomplex natureart ethicalcorrupthighly conventionalnames Corin Silvioa expected signal to audience it is pastoralDuke Senior exiled into Forest and sets up new court play structured around corruption of court courtiers vs shepherd expose problems retreat from citypastoral and perspective seeking to idealize certain way of life shepherds always happy sheep always healthy ideal lifejuxtaposition of painted mimicry trying to outdo nature ethics of tempering with nature God modifying genes grafting interference of nature Jacques doubled figure Jakes JackwesJohn Harrington Metamorphoses of Ajax translator of Ariostos Orlando Furiosoinvent toilet waste disposal sanitary system though not effective introduce idea in witty way Elizabethan England Jacques and Harrington tied expelling from bodysociety to maintain integrity and purity ridding bodily waste vs exiling elements that do not conform to societyplay about exile banishment 21 First Lord Indeed my lord the melancholy Jacques grieves augmenting it with tears discharge tyrants to fright the animals and to kill them up in their assigned and native dwelling placewatching deer diemelancholy over nature of death anthromorphic deer weeping at own death projection of human emotion and capacity
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