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ENG220 Measure for Measure 2

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Elizabeth Harvey

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ENG220 Wednesday, November 2, 2011 Measure for Measure 3.1 Lucio and Duke Vincentio • • A little more lenity to lechery would do no harm in him... He would be drunk too... • slander... woman with multiple tongues, instruments like trumpets sending rulers out without attributing... language and travel • Lucio slander Duke to face without knowing it is him • criticize harshness of laws being enacted against lechery • puns.. vice is of great kindred, impossible to extirp it quite... • lechery and eroticism as natural as any other appetite and impossible to rid • puns of lie and kindred; eroticism vice and there for propagation of human species • if gone, society will be unpeopled • sex workers and their place in economy and society • Lucio accuse Duke of impotency • Lucio take on literate devices of other characters... language like Mrs Pomprey, low language • “inward” • spacial organization of play • cloistered place of body (Juliet’s pregnancy + Angelo’s male pregnancy), closet within body • inward, inside body, inhabiting person of Duke by impersonating with slanderous portraits • Lucio claim there is secret making Duke leave but “locked within teeth and lips” • gates and keys, picklock allowing entrance to other spaces, thief • goes on to criticize Angelo, “unpeople” society, people will be so obsessed with chastity and not make children, emphasize darkness, dark corners... Duke of Dark corners • verbal portrait, volumes of report • positive and negative sides of imagination, truth vs counter truth prostitutes and pimps • • ungovernable fantasy where most negative version of gossip personified by Lucio • 4.3 Duke Vincentio and Isabella garden bounded with brick wall (space, architecture, cloisters), enclosed garden = • female body, surrounded by a wall, one and the same • vineyard, serpent and woman, Eve • secrecy of play, people baring secrets and language in play Duke hear secrets, become pregnant with language over course of play and • reveal/give birth to much of this language at end of play • 4.2 beheadings territorialization and division of body from head • ENG220 Wednesday, November 2, 2011 • belief of head as housing soul and that body severed from head as symbol and punishment for transgression moment of imprisonment and threatened execution -> liminal, between life and death • • boundary between spirit world and human world • as if veils between worlds pulled aside to see through eyes of character, visit, transgression of boundaries woman as virgin vs sexually knowledgable, membrane of hymen • • Pompey: he is his wife’s head and I can never cut off a woman’s head • 4.2 Abhorson • criminal “too drunk” to be hanged • substitution • metonymy: literary figure coming from idea of changing name; reference to something or someone by naming one of its attributes • i.e. pen is mightier than the sword (pen as attirbute of thoughts written with pen, sword of military action
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