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Elizabeth Harvey

ENG220Y1LECTURE NOTESMacbethWednesday February 5 2014613 PMFebruary 5 2014February 12 2014 Macbeth IntroductionFirst performance was done around 1606The text is based on the first folio printed in 1623Is a tragedyserious and important actions that end disastrously for hero or central protagonist Spirits were essential in physiology as ethereal messengers communicators within the bodiesSpirits are the emanating parts of the body when it leaves the body it diesDebates about what a spirit and soul were during that timePart of a persons essence that remains on earth after death inhabits the world especially if the person had an unhappy death Goes together with the lore of witchcraft and magicians Similar to Richard III in terms of themes yet has more of an tangental relationship with history The source of the play comes from R Holensheds The Chronicles of IrelandElizabeth I died without an heir the people were anxious as her death approached since she was lenient in terms of religionbefore the monarchs enforced religious conversionsHer successor was James I who reigned from 160325 his mother was Mary Queen of Scots who thought she had the right to take over Elizabeths place as queen her half sister was Mary Tudor who was the Queen before Elizabeth concocted a plot against Elizabeth and was Mary Queen of Scots was executed by Elizabeth in 1587
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