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Elizabeth Harvey

ENG220Y1LECTURE NOTESRichard IIIWednesday January 22 2014614 PMJanuary 22 2014 Richard III IntroductionPlay based on the chronicles of EnglandConsidered a propaganda playDesigned to celebrate the myth of the Tudors may or may not be truePolitical truths could be fabricatedThe reign of the Tudors could be perceived as a release from the villainIn 2012 a skeleton was found in Leicester and was determined to belong to Richard IIIThe skeleton had evidence of scoliosis the portrayal of Richard III in the play is that he is deformed and uglyDied by a whack on the head with a sharp object but there are other blows to the head and other injuries possible battle woundsWas written early in Shakespeares writing career his authorship wasnt claimedWas a popular text because there was multiple quartos there are six of them and they vary in content begs the question of where the source came from was it from rough copies or from memory from the actors who would have been familiar with the textAct One11141oSense of being trapped because of his deformityoThe main problem could be that he knows that hes not attracted to woman but he does have access to womanoEroticism motivates him
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