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Elizabeth Harvey

ENG220Y1LECTURE NOTESTaming of the ShrewWednesday January 8 2014610 PMJanuary 8 2014 Taming of the Shrew IntroductionShakespeare portrays the complexity of womenArguing that its not just a misogynistic playWomen during this time had little autonomy Theres only one authoritative text in folio format in 1623But theres a quarto version published in 1594 called Taming of a Shrew with somewhat different characters begs the questions as to whether or not Shakespeare copied someone elses work or his own work was stolenIn the folio edition there is the induction scenes in the quarto version Sly just comments on the play and says that he will tame his own wife when he gets homeWithin the play there are jokes about the education system The Nature of Elizabethan SocietyThis is a play about social classes movement social climbing money and education are vehicles of this social class systemIn England one can judge someones education by the way they speak the language they useLanguage shows the discrepanciesMalproperwhen they use the wrong term and do not realize thisLatin was favoured a signifier of wealth greek is even better The Induction Scenes
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