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ENG220 Henry IV Part 2

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Elizabeth Harvey

Henry IV Part 2 1302012 11500 PM y Biblical St Paul and medieval tradition bodysoul y Stoic and medical tradition pneuma y Spirit as third term intermediary between body and soul accounted for sensation and motion instrument though which body communicated with the soul y Third body air mediate body and soul y Avicenna spirits originate in hearty Other medieval writers y Natural spirits liver responsible for nourishment reproduction growth y Vital spirit heart generates passions y Animal spirits brain rete mirabile 5 senses and inward witsy Brain y 3 ventricles sensation judgement memory y outward and inward wits y senses sight hearing smell taste touch y common wit imagination fantasy estimation memory y wit etymologyneuter gewity denoting faculty or person possessing it y seat of consciousness or thought the mind y faculty of thinking and reasoningy 42 Falstaff soliloquyy I would you had but the wit to addict themselves to sack y Solving problem with alcohol quality of bloody People no longer seem to love or laugh because not drinking y Warming of blood spirity 43 King Henry Most subject is the fattest soil to weeds y image of kingdomy linguistic fertility of tavern scenes y characters and linguistic signature identifyy 21 Mistress Quickly y I am undone by is going hes an infinitive thing upon my score good Master Snare manhood indited to dinner
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