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ENG220 King Lear

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Elizabeth Harvey

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King Lear 262012 11400 PM y Aging and body y Politics of long life y Early modern discourses of aging y Age as performancey 53 II31216 Kent and Edgar y Vex not is ghost he hath endured so long He but usurped his life y Kent as ambiguously aged figure y Compares world to the rack spectacle of torture and painy He but usurped his lifeage as wonder to live for score and more y To live so long and connection to pain y Reference to Lears ghost y UsurpedHoratio describes ghost of Hamlet in that way y Intertextual reference y Usurp to seize or obtain of in an unjustillegal manner to assume unjust rule dominion territory y Act 11 II3443 King Lear y Meantime we shall express our darker purpose may be prevented now y Lears age and political climate of kingdom y 4652 y eldestborn speak first y crawling towards death As You Like it Jacques speech All the worlds a stage exits and entrances sans teeth sans nothingy Cicero De Senectute y Strongly optimistic view of aging y Physical diminutions compensated for by wisdom authority y Time of ripening y Natural process y Kent and Edgar ripeness is all y since she has fitly planned the other acts of lifes drama it is not likely that she has neglected the final act as if she were a careless playwright y provide discourse of aging
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