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ENG220 King Lear Part 2

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Elizabeth Harvey

King Lear part 2 282012 11600 PM y Dates and Sources y Figure of Lear based on legendary figure from Celtic romance y Raphael Holinsheds Chronicles of England Scotland and Ireland which drew on Geoffrey of Manmouths 12CE Historia Regum Britanniae y Samuel Harsnetts Declaration of egregious Popish Impostures y Subplot Philip Sidneys Countess of Pembrokes Arcadia y Margreta de GraziaThe Ideologyy Jacob BurckhardtThe Civiliztion of the Renaissance in Italy y Karl MarxCapital y Modern idea of individualy Notion of money being circulated no longer tied to object biting coin to see if goldmetalpaper replaced with notions of credit y Capitalism To attain autonomy Renaissance subjects must be removed from objects Marxs Early Modern object the commodity denies its relation to persons by effacing its origin in social production y Play as beginning of rise of individual Hamlet and King Lear y Hamlets melancholy skeptical paralyzed birth of subjecty Grazia reading King Lear as crisis of relationship between individual and object tragedy is set in motion by severance of relationship between person and objecty In world objects do define people moving to preHamlet before birth of individual y Consistency of personality subjectivity social coherence y Lear cracks bonds between bonds and peoplesets tragedy in motiony Opening scene 11 Kent Gloucester and Edmund y Sir names called not personal names characters linked to land tied to it y Worst sibling rivalry y Public recognition and manifestation of privatey In description of young fellows mother y Kent I cannot conceive you y Gloucester she grew roundwombed unmarriedy Time had intervened natural process of birth overtake temporally the law
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