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ENG220 Cymbeline

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Elizabeth Harvey

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Cymbeline 3212012 112800 AMSounds discourse noises bodies making sounds DescartesCognition and language separated from body Shakespeare togetherOther register of soundsPoetry words grammar syntax but also different hearing rhythm Cloten Thou injurious thief Belarius I cannot tell Twas very ClotenGuiderius This Cloten was a fool Thats all I reckSending down riverOrpheus Eurydice BacchantesMaenadsEurydice dead Orpheus go down to underworld via cave with lyre charm way through river of death Pluto and Persephone condition that they must not look back lose her when accidentally look backBacchantesMaenads singing headSound and language Aviragus The bird is dead with fairest flowers Innogen and bird air fairy angel creatures of air with wingsOphelia pastoral elegy catalogue of flowersFleeting moment of beauty fragrance lifeImogen seeing Clotens body like Posthumus These flowers are like the pleasures o the world O my lordBody as inhabited by spirits move around body rise as fumes over brain movement and thoughtWaking in cave brain overcome and confused with rising of spirits and fumesConfusion of rationality as she tries to put it together Weather and living creatures living in open air have needs with quicker impression from air freest and clearest airbirds tell tales motion of their flights expressAugury birdspeech connected with practice of divining from the flight of birds divination future from birds Prophecy of playWhen as a lions whep shall Be embraced by tender air Postumus end his miseries Britain be fortunate and flourish 552327
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