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ENG220 Tempest

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Elizabeth Harvey

Tempest 23282012 112300 AMProspero well demanded wenchRelationship to environment emotionBoundaries of subjectivity between Ariel and ProsperoPregnantwomen not executed so baby no tainted by mothers sin hag tried to slave Ariel but trap deliver baby and diesSuggests tree is like body story is about life transforms Prospero as midwife delivers Ariel out of tree and puts him in service for a yearInterweaving stories of origin and justification characters bound to one anotherPinch pity pine pitch cognate pain Caliban and language eloquence and elaborateHis description of island most beautiful in playAlign with Prospero language used to enchantProspero Thou poisonous slave Caliban The rest of the island Power to create action out of languageImperial and aboriginal relationship teach language and religiontake land put in confined placesImpregnation birth and ingestationStory of mysegination mixing of races Miranda Prospero FerdinandProspero saying my spirit spirit addressing Ariel crossover and interlacing of subjectivity between Propsero and ArielFerdinandSebastian Gonzalo AntonioWidowExploration travel founding empire on islandDiscourse of Claribel coming together of dynastic marriage with explorationFounding of dynasty through arriving and marriageLaw legality governmental structuresMonstersFortunio Liceti De monstrorum natura
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