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6 Things You Need to Know about Shakespeare (Part 1 and 2 of 6)

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Jeremy Lopez

ENG220Y - 6 Things you NEED to know when Studying Shakespeare I & II Wed. 12th Sept 2012 1. Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare (Shx)  EEBO (Digitized versions of texts b/w 1473-on)  Proprietary authorship (in present time v. 16th century) o Spanish Tragedy not attributed to an author o Richard II (Shx), 1597, more concerned with who performed the play  The company who performed it being a way to distinguish from other plays similar to other plays being produced around the time  Re-printed in 1598 (therefore popular), added Shx authorship o Yorkshire Tragedy, 1608, 'written by W. Shakespeare'  Clearly not written by Shakespeare  Printed with Shx on the title name  Implies Shakespeare's influence/popularity, his authorship of a play being understood as its importance o Shakespeare's name was used after his death  Collaborative Authorship, shared work for large dramatic works of the period  Authorship not the most important or only thing used to sell a play  Cultural Attitude towards Authorship o Expressed through a prefatory (preface) note in The English Traveler, printed 1633 (Thomas Haywood) 2. What Shakespeare wrote is not available to Us  Quarto - before 1623 for Shx o A method of which plays were mostly printed o Th
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