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Comedies 01

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Jeremy Lopez

ENG220 - Comedies I: Kate's speech in Taming of the Shrew Mon. 01 Oct 2012 p. 295 (my copy) Katherine's speech @ the end of Taming of the Shrew  Particular form of idealized womanhood  Creating a fantasy, registered as a fantasy: soft, pampered woman o Created around registering a current and past economic order o Nostalgic language for different economic order (i.e. lord, sovereign, etc.)  Katherine's speech o Fantasy of identity that is built out of thinking about a relationship of past and present  Locate the generality of the speech? ENG220 - Comedies II: The Taming of the Shrew & Comedy of Errors Wed. 03 Oct 2012 Introduction  Relationship between history and form  Iambic pentameter: general form of 16th century  Shifting relation between: in Katherine's speech o Control o Structure o Excess  Form (of the work) & History (of its time) are inseparable o Literary forms are expressions of history o Historical documents: to exist in history and speak of a time  Literary criticism is historical; constructed, predetermined, etc.  The form of ____ as historical construct o Taming of the Shrew o Katherine's speech  Impossible to imagine (modern life now) an ambiguous statement of gender relations  Early Modern Dramatic Form o Dramatic statements that don't satisfy on terms of actions o Cannot be interpreted one way or the other Taming of the Shrew (Kate's speech)  Modern performances of TotS o Does Katherine mean what she says? o Is she submitting to her husband? Or are we to understand she isn't?  The Modern Actress & Productions o Not often is Kate portrayed by a man o Will signal to understand the speech ironically o Signals that Kate is performing for her husband's benefit  The Boy Actor (in criticisms) o Layer of artifice; the actor was commenting on character o Layer of irony; awareness of actor constructing character  Criticism: Looking at real historical evidence o Shakespeare borrowing language from historical documents o Supposed to understand the speech as serious  Framing Kate's speech within the larger context in which it occurs o Activity surrounding speech: Assumption...  That people would take the speech seriously  Of historical masaugony  V, i (ll. 20-40 approx) o Provides a theatrical instance of someone insisting they are something when it is clear that they are not o Baptista is not Lucentio's father: Irony resolves itself o Katherine has to speak something of her identity  It must not be true  She insists that it is  Theatrical scaffolding o TotS: metatheatre (play within a play)  Begins in England  Drunk beggar being thrown out of a bar  Taken in and told he's a Lord  Told he's to watch a play (The Taming of the Shrew)  Katherine is an actress playing an actress playing an actress  Passages o Inductions: I, i  Ind.114-120: female identity is something that can be put on (eg. gown, costume), specific language of submissiveness that constitutes wifehood, introduces where female identity is constructed via i) boy acting and ii) language of submission  Ind. 68-75: being in a place where one does not quite fit in/belong, in a soft
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