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Lewis Carroll to Diana Wynne Jones.doc

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University of Toronto St. George
Deidre Baker

Howls Moving CastleDiana Wynne Jones Both Howl and Sophie are on the verge of Adulthood and magic is used as elements of growthSophie is convinced she cant succeed because she is the first of three daughtersPages 242248oStill laments the fact that nothing will work out with her because she is the eldest of three Ingary The first of three will fail first and worst her familys story does not fit within normal fairy tale conventions but she is still convinced that she will fail and being a reader she allows the fairy tale to get into her mindImage of imprisonment no freedom of movement for neither herself nor her sisterHat shop has become a kind of curse it is during that time of imprisonment that her powers have gone underground and into the hats she does not recognize that she may have magical abilitiesPage 19did not go talk to LettieHer imprisonment in the hat shop has developed in her a form of agoraphobiaoBelieves herself to have become an invalidoIs overwhelmed is terrified flees etcocomes of being the eldest of three a spell in which she binds herself from changeoMad woman in the attichat shopEchoes the image of the domestically imprisoned woman When she visits Lettie she recognizes that she has turned into an old croneTelling herself that she is leaving is a way of putting a spell on herselfDiana Wynne Jones was also the oldest of threeSophie uncritically receives whatever she hears or readsoJumps to conclusions about Howl about Calcifer about herselfFeels foolish about believing that Howl really eats girls heartsoSophies servitude of being bound to the fate of failing first and worst comes from herselfLiberated from the hat shop and from her 17 year old self by becoming ninety Cinderella Sophie embraces the domestic arts by becoming a force to contend with extravagant manic assault on the castle highly enthusiastic forceful activity Talks to the hats the suits the horse flowers her stick compulsive communicatoroThese are all spellsoComic inversion of the talkative old ladyoLife giver feminine poweroCapacities that were subdued in her youthful persona are able to move to the forefrontoBecomes the target of other peoples assumptionsWitch madam sorceressChildren are aware of her in a way she is notSays that she is the cleanest witch in EnglandOther people are aware of her talentpower even when she is notoConfronts the truth about her magical capacities when she meets Howls motherSays that it will help her save HowlLearns everything about herself everything suddenly makes sense and think that she did not realize it because she is the eldest of threeoPage 260261Is angry when she finds out Howl and Michael eavesdrop on her oThey get rid of part of the spell but cannot get rid of all of itCannot change herself from old to young again oSees herself as in being in competition with Ms AngorianThinks she will fail in fortune and loveoDisguisesHas to realize that she loves HowlThe fear of betrayalrejection is part of the disguise spellWhen she sees Howls soft heart she is able to get rid of the spellExercising her power puts his heart back into his body and bespells it with her own powerful languageEnd of BB Beauty gives the Beast life by speaking to himOverturns some of the conventions of beauty and the beastoHowl likes disguises as wellFear of intimacy hearth of his househis heartHowls eyes do not show feeling is protecting himself from showing emotionThey have to get to know one another in some oblique wayGet to know one another as they both areGet past the disguises and get to know each other properlyoCalcifer adds his power to Howls and that is how he becomes the efficient magician he isoMagical elements are tied to the realistic psychological human characteroVery particular about his appearance hyperaware of how he appears Multiple personas moving castle home doesnt even stay in one place etcFear of commitment and sticking to one thing needs to keep appearing to do things that are frightening to himWitch of the West declares that the perfect human she is creating needs Howls headoCreating her perfect lover Michaels line people our age change all the time is at the heart of the noveloExplore overcome anxiety and fears about adulthood accepting ones identity language disguises etc Language
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