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Andrew Lesk

September 25, 12 Graphic Novel Watchmen 6.10 **Rorschach and his absolutism. Rorschach’s link to Dr. Manhattan pg 10 of book 6. 6 panel of Kitty Genovese…Rorschach’s uncertainty Dr. Manhattan identifies with science. Comes across as someone neutral and cold. Almost too heavy on science. 1.21.1-3 When he’s talking to Rorschach. Dismisses Blake’s death, lack of care. Apparent meaninglessness. Is this what Moore suggests that we think of science? Ironic thing Dr. M with Manhatten project…bombs make our world meaningless Gods who will save us? Is science the God? 2.117-8 Blake burns the map. Metropolis tells them not to leave. Somebody has to save the world. Ozymandias is (or thinks) he is going to save the world. And he does in the end. Match between last two panels. First Ozymandias, next one over is Veidt. Goes from ‘saving the world’ to unmasked at Blake’s funeral. Priest in same place as Cap. Metropolis. What he is saying is being replaced by what the Priest is saying. First panel a rhetorical question. Then matched with the priest, he gives us the answer. The panel suggests the priest is talking to Veidt. Adrian is assuming the role. Paper map replaced by the bible. 2 last panel Metropolis’s pose is like Jesus. Ozymandias a self styled savior. Veidt recognizes heroes save others. 7.3.1-3 Dan and Laurie talking about Rorschach. Like 1.12.4-6 Rorschach facing front, then back. Ozymandias makes himself a hero you can’t identify with. 12.27.1-2 His move has alienated him from humanity in general. Does becoming an adult mean putting away your child fantasy. Why is Veidt still wearing the uniform? Not really a fantasy anymore, its become a part of him. He’s achieved something good? Costumes aren’t that crazy in their world. Maybe theres nothing really wrong with it. Would the world not in fact be better off without heroes? Culture is the medium that allows people to prject the past into the future providing an essential basis of psychological continuity. Bornstein and Lamb. Veidt/Ozymandias in history…product nostalgia. Francis Fukuyama “The End of History? “ See lecture slides. Final form of human government. Fukuyama was heiled. Now he disowned what he said. Moral absolutism (Rorschach) – absolute standards against which moral questions can be judged. Black and white…no grey. 11.NE.10 Veidt talks about his philosophy. He is in favor of enlightenment. Veidt: Utilitarianism: the moral worth of an action is determined solely by its contribution to overall utility, its outcome-the ends justify the means. (by this reason, do you throw people out in order to save them? Utilitarianism states yes) To achieve enlightenment, must settle for extinction. 11.26.1-3 Probl
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