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Andrew Lesk

Graphic novel 8flex megallo dynamic tension a strong manwrong man Metaphor in terms of super hero comics Impowered person comic book masculinity obvious exaggrerated that they represent fic twice overas genre and as gender representation strong mascular shell first introduce in the dc universe Hero of sliver age In the flex mentallo he live throught the underground comics dark age in 1990s does it mean wevshould dismiss the fictionalitydifferencesdinersaurs and sinking shipindicates sometimes when we reading it can be ridiculous comes into the real world from comics and tell stories wolly becomes illdont dry down your imagination why comics important to himalthough the comic is a pop culture he spends so much time on them But it is also amazing The comics is a transformation What gives to kids he wants to interrigate the whole comic worldthey are still here when we are adults as well as kidsreflect that super hero comics are products hoe comics or sth close to pop culture get close to our mindNo recycling Dsposible disposible but still hanging around Hunted by flexcomics are still potentially tran
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