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Andrew Lesk

Graphic novel 6batwomanfamily togernessfamily reunion Relocates In order to do his military responcebility When you are kids you can not understand very well Beths confortalways together kates feelingfade out in the last panel pocession concentrate on the military thing to forget tauma difference snapshots in the second one Gatthers are even in the second portraying styleeraanglememory appear not formally connected Dislocation Fragmentation Lives are not all terrible Not very ordered The order of the family is clearly bound and cut cherish the moment lesbiandont askdont tell Insists as a subject Made the chioce Not only constuted constrained the political sysytemmilitarystands for freedom and protectionher freedom is being constrained She happy to go along to the system her sexual identity ceased her military identity Remain the acedamy and save the contry by admit her sexuality puts strong investmentagrees UCMJ True to UCMJ not herselfparadoxical West point is really what she wants to do cut off the ring and claim shes lesbian Exclude herself from militaryto an more galatary world contradictionkate doesnt object to the oppression Culture she belongs to reject her behavior Superhero use violence to define the innocence To protect the innocent Is just true for the military or to the super hero different from the viginalityhas she internalized the homophobic prescription of t
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