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Andrew Lesk

May 22, 2012 Justice- vigilante.. Way of saying who’s looking at ppl governing us? “Who will watch the watchmen” chief of police.. Who is the chief of police’s boss? Goes up the ladder. ….we are responsible for watching ourselves through political action. Don’t see it entire phrase… why? Why spread out in full? Artwork as text as message. Why incorporate in its entirety.? No one can watch at once. Incomplete? Outside of the law… he is his own watchmen… Reagan—outsider… trajectory of the conservatism- in the 60s, changed things in substantial ways. Conservative wave. OUTSIDER in politically in national stage occupy in the center of American politics. Cowboy: American hero? Ex. Pg. 119 politics vs. moralism. Becomes typical American hero. Cleaned up government. Known for his firing aircraft controllers. Blurs eyes of public of his true relation to his true governmental power. LAW AND ORDER WAS BASED ON POLITICS RATHER THAN SYSTEM OF JUSTICE.* Law and order is based on politics. ** Vigilante, morals, politics= heroism? Heroism as cultural institution. What did the superheroes do? Protect society from evil. Bring justice. Association with truth and justice. Unselfishness. Superheroes are power fantasy for the adolescence and excite imagination. Traditional superheroes are alienated and aliens. Alienated ex. Superman and Spiderman. Traditional superman feels he doesn’t belong. He goes about belonging. He inserts himself to judicial and moral system and done generally good things. Ultimately he puts gifts to use and truly engaged and alive. In superman, there is no contradiction from himself and society. What’s good for society is good for me. Whats good for me is good for the society. He fulfills his destiny that with the result that 0ppl are better off. Concept of moral category, yea he is morally righteous. BUT when we take a step further his foundation of morality itself…. Why superman does what he does. So ppl are well off and fulfill his needs and desires. BUT again take step back… superheroes are heroes and what societies do? It changed recently. Celebrities heroic…-__-; ex. Wayne Gretzky is a hero… definition of hero is something beyond capable of doing. (selflessness) bare on superman… when he goes into the house? Nothing. If heroism met threat to wellbeing… you can die from doing what you are doing, what is the threat to superman? There is no threat to him… so notion of superman as a moral category… discounts the act of heroism. Notion of morality, because he is heroic, we should respect him. But moralism is nothing to do with him. HEROISM** If superheroes are in someway inert to us. Miller points that we cannot depend on government institution to do the job for us, we sees someone come along, ex. David chen, he is a vigilante and does something so we applaud him. But he should still need to be responsible. We are not active enough in our government to effect change. Vigilante: do it now. Its done. Action NOW. Takes laws into own hands and many not really political. Vigilantism: looking at watchmen trying to find the missing girl. This is why he jokes this one. Clearly, he finds the guy and chains him up and kills the dogs, burn down the house. Did he do the right thing? Clearly he needs a fair trial. Think about how he gets the information about this guy? Coerce use of violence to find information. He doubts about vigilantism. Pg. 84 politics associated with the right wing absolutism. Superman closely related to Reagan. (bad for business) literally associated with industrial power in the US as well. Father-son relationship establishes. Connection between Reagan as a vigilante and superman as a vigilante. Ex. Not like old days… politically all not okay and they are responsible to institution rule of land and miller sets this up that even government in libertarians itself corrupt. Reagan isn’t a vigilante but count him as a outsider and superman as well. Engage in act to protect social/political order. Is it enough to go out the bounds to make them a vigilante? Superman himself…vigilante or political pawn? Totally in control of Reagan. Pg. 179. Batman’s position is much clear and corners Harvey’s two-face accomplices. Pg. 139 On pg 44 batman encounters Harvey act-alike. Idea of rights for vigilante is pushed aside. To millers credit, thus in pg 65 two views. Terms of whether conservatism or liberalism… batman is libertarian. Batman would be in lined with Reagan’s conservatism but… why align batman with more with Reagan. Because miler doesn’t like Reagan and conservatism. Pg,
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